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Alluring Concepts, Inc.

Have a Healthy Hair Day!

All-Natural Hair Care = All-Natural Beauty

Vibrant Gloss

Hair Elixir

Alluring Concepts has combined two miracle oils for an awesome scalp serum and hair elixir which will leave your hair feeling youthful, bouncy and vibrant! But most of all, healthier.

An all-natural hair product, the Vibrant Gloss Hair Elixir contains a combination of healing oils:

  • Aloe Vera is an excellent healing oil that protects the scalp and hair from excessive shedding and hair loss. It’s no secret that this miraculous plant is not only good for your skin, but your hair and scalp.
  • Pomegranate Oil protects and restores natural dry hair and or chemically damaged relaxed hair.
  • Coconut Oil is fabulous for moisture retention.
  • Corn Oil restores the elasticity to your hair.
  • Fragrance is light and leaves your hair smelling delicious.

Vibrant Gloss Hair Elixir is extra light and effective on all types of hair. It is perfect for massaging into the scalp for those with braids and even weaves.

If you desire bouncy, vibrant, healthy hair without weighing down the hair, then this is the product for you!

Curly Pudding Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner

How to Use

Place a small amount in the palm of hands or fingertips and apply to wet or dry hair shaft and or scalp.

For added benefits, massage into the scalp to increase blood flow and stimulate healthier hair growth.

Special Pricing

Special pricing is available for bulk purchases.

Please email [email protected]

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